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Stage 2

Term 3, Week 7 

Stage 2 - 4F

4F have been learning all about different types of poetry. Here are some examples of our wonderful limericks and "paint chip poetry". We have also done some lovely paintings of Uluru, linking with our history and geography units, examining how Australian Aboriginals had a connection with the land.


Term 2, Week 9 

Stage 2 - 3/4S

3/4S created a rainforest masterpiece and had fun sketching famous places to see in Sydney!


Term 2, Week 6 

Stage 1/2 - 2/3G

Informative Writing

In class we have been practicing using factual information to create descriptions of animals. Last week we wrote one about camels, and Year 2 published theirs on the Chromebooks.



We have been working on a collage artwork using magazines. It's taking longer than we thought but that's only because we are trying our absolute best to produce amazing artworks. They are already looking fantastic!





Maths Groups

When Miss Goslinga asked us what our favourite part of our school day was, most of us said maths groups! We work on activities, sometimes by ourselves and sometimes in small groups, to improve our maths skills.  


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