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Stage 3

Term 3, Week 8 

Stage 3 - 5/6S

Aboriginal Art





Shoe Art

Term 3, Week 5

Stage 3 - 5/6H



In reading this term, 5/6H have been looking at the fantasy genre, looking at the themes and ideas common to the genre prior to embarking on individual novel studies of our own choosing, focusing on themes & author's intent. We created some word art outlining common fantasy ideas, and have so far written journal entries regarding our initial impressions and what we can learn from examining the cover of our novels.





In Stage 3, we have been investigating Australian history, from pre-colonisation, to early British Settlement, through to the Rum Rebellion and the Gold Rush. 5/6H looked at these issues through a combination of research, including looking at original source material, and reading historical fiction such as Tom Appleby and Nanberry by Jackie French. We learned a lot about the lifestyle and conditions of the time of the convicts, soldiers, free settlers, gold miners, bushrangers and indigenous people. We also examined the impact that colonisation had on Indigenous society. It was fascinating to read about people like Nanberry and Colby in Jackie's books and then find actual portraits of them painted by artists of the time, such as "The Port Jackson Painter". Inspired by these original paintings, and many more from the same period found at the Natural History Museum website, in Creative Arts lessons we recreated some of these sketches, trying to stay true to the style and using the muted colours of the period. 


We looked at some original newspaper articles from The Sydney Gazette and, inspired by that, wrote our own articles - imagining how the events of The Rum Rebellion may have been reported at the time.  We also pretended we were the judge handing down rulings in the subsequent case examining the actions of William Bligh and John Macarthur.








Term 2, Week 5

Stage 3 - 5/6F



5/6F have been learning about Australian History. These artworks represent the ships used in the First Fleet and Captain Cook's Endeavour. Students used a combination of water colour, ink and charcoal to create these impressive pieces.



Think, Say, Do.

5/6F have been learning about imaginative writing. This lesson was about making a narrative more engaging by making the character think, say and do something. This student example demonstrates the use of a Learning Intention, Success criteria, and the final creation of an interesting excerpt that could be added into a narrative.




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